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Kathryn Lean



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  • Intaglio print using Elemental 028 Tetrapak
  • 16 x 13cm (Paper 21 x 20cm)

The Story Behind the $9.61 Print Series

Last month I was forced to pay $345 for just 6 days worth of medical Nutrition. This was a real struggle and came at a time where I also had a lot of outgoing costs for my art practice. It really got me thinking about how financially inaccessible both the art and medical worlds can be, so I decided to make a series of prints which aim to be the opposite.

These limited edition prints, cost just $9.61 (AUD), the price of the carton from which each print is made.

I have 10 prints, each in a limited edition of five, to be released over the next few weeks. I am a firm believer that Art and medicine should be accessible to everyone, regardless of income!


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