Are your artworks original or digital reproductions?

All artwork for sale are original hand-made and hand-printed artworks. For all prints I use high quality 285gsm Fabriano Rosapina Paper (unless otherwise stated) and fine art quality oil based inks (Gamblin, Sakura).

What do the numbers underneath the prints mean?

All of my prints will have a set number in the edition. For example, if the number on your print is 2/50, this means you have the second print of only 50 available. Once the edition reaches 50/50 the plate is destroyed and no more will be made.

I tried to buy a print but it says ‘Sold Out’. Will there be more?

Yes! I only have the ability to put a small amount up for sale each week. If you have missed out, I will have more available soon unless we are at the end of an edition (Which will always be noted on the product sale page). If you missed out please join my mailing list to be first to know when more prints will be added!